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Hostinger review and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting is one of the things that people are looking for recently, and hosting means that a web server hosts materials or contents for a particular site, and there are many types of hosting and also many companies that provide that service, and in this article, we will review hosting Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting.

Explain the advantages of Hostinger hosting

Hostinger is one of the best-paid web hosting companies, which has gained wide popularity in recent years in the Arab region because of the services it provides, it was established in 2011 but has been in this business since 2004.

You should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of any hosting before buying because this helps you choose the company that wants to provide you with that service, and Hostinger also provides you with web hosting for beginners and professionals to help you achieve the success you aspire to.

Hostinger has more than 29 million users around the world, which is the biggest proof of how successful Hostinger is in providing the basic services that emerging website owners are looking for, in addition to that, there are more than 178 countries that deal with Hostinger as one of the most famous technology developers. Hostinger offers you lower prices compared to other companies, it is one of the cheapest hosting companies.

Hosting plans with great capabilities for a cheap price, and also supports the service of creating different sites on the same account (the plan), so it offers you the largest possible service in making use of your site's resources, the loading speed of your site is one of the best features that Hostinger offers you thanks to CDN service or content delivery network and speed up the display of your website pages, in addition to that, it provides a comprehensive Arabic interface, even the control panel supports the Arabic language as well as provides Arabic technical support.

Hostinger offers many other services besides WordPress hosting services, such as creating your site in a short time and installing WordPress automatically within minutes, and to create your site you must follow some steps. You will find a comprehensive explanation in the video below or through the video explanation below as well.

Hostinger Hosting Company Review

Now is our date with a review of Hostinger hosting company and what are the advantages that Hostinger offers you, including the following:

1. The loading speed that Hostinger offers you, where speed is one of the most important things that every website should take care of, no matter how good the content of your store or application is, if the speed is not good, you will lose a lot of visitors.

2. Through studies, it has been proven that 40% of visitors leave the website if the page load takes only 3 seconds, so you must make sure to provide the best possible speed to reach your site, to get the super speed Hostinger offers you the latest technologies that increase Hosting speed.

3. Hostinger offers its customers a guarantee that provides them with a good working time 99.9% of the time, which is the best possible percentage, compared to the packages offered by other hosting companies, in addition to the excellent working time that Hostinger offers you, you can now access the server headquarters that hosts your site on you easily.

4. The closer the server is to the visitor, the faster the speed. Therefore, website owners are looking for a company that has the largest data centers to allow the site the greatest opportunity to provide speed to visitors as a result of the presence of a large number of data centers. In this regard, Hostinger provides 7 data centers around the world.

5. Hosting with huge resources is one of the advantages that you can get when dealing with Hostinger by purchasing VPS hosting, as it offers 8 price plans with large resources and supports many operating systems such as CentOS - Ubuntu - Fedora Debian - Suse.

6. Offers competitive price plans and the possibility to create more than one website on the same hosting if you choose any hosting other than (single-site hosting) because it is the only one that provides only one website, you can also create a large number of email accounts up to 100 free emails according to the price plan your own.

Advantages of hostinger hosting

  • In this review, we will present all the advantages of Hostinger hosting and what are the services that Hostinger offers you, and perhaps its best advantages are the following:

  • Hostinger provides the best technical support by providing live chat service with customers throughout the week.

  • Hostinger has a regional website in Arabic which is a translated version of the company's main website and is not a separate company or website.

  • One of the other advantages is to provide a domain for free, and the domain means the address of the site, which costs about $ 10 annually. You will get it for free with hosting.

  • Hostinger offers you a free SSL certificate, which means a certificate that is responsible for securing the connection between the site and the visitor, and this certificate must be used specifically to ensure that the search engines and the visitor trust you and that your site is secure.

  • The excellent control panel provided by Hostinger is CPanel, it is the main interface through which customers deal with and manage websites, and it is very similar to the Cpanel control panel and supports the Arabic language as well.

  • Hostinger follows some steps to be able to maintain all customer data, so Hostinger backs up periodically weekly for free.

  • It provides you with the ability to restore the previous version of your site at any time.

  • You can now use many of the payment methods that Hostinger offers you, as they accept encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin or PayPal or bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

  • Another feature that you can get is the 30-day money-back feature if you do not like the product.

  • Providing a free domain builder, Hostinger provides the largest collection of ready-made templates for different sites.

  • Once you choose the model you want to achieve you can start implementing it right away, and the model search tool is free.
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