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No one in the world has not heard about the term programming. Programming, especially computer programming, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and many students these days seek to learn different programming languages because this will help them get the job they dream of in the largest international companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other giant companies, but what is programming? And what are its uses? This is what we will learn about in this article.

What is programming and its uses?

What is programming?

Programming is a set of instructions and commands that are given to a computer or any other device in modern communication systems, such as audio and video receivers, to inform this device of how to deal with data and how to carry out the work required of it using what is known as algorithms.

programming rules

The programming process follows rules specific to the language chosen by the programmer. Each programming language has several characteristics of its own that distinguish it from other languages and make it suitable for certain programs and not suitable for other programs, according to the task required of this program. Programming languages ​​also have common characteristics and common borders, given that all of these languages ​​were designed to interact with the computer. Programming languages ​​(Software) evolve with the development of computer hardware (Hardware).

When the computer was invented in the forties and fifties of the last century - and the computer was working with large numbers of electronic valves - the programming language was also complex, so that it was a series of numbers that only zero (0) and one (1) could enter, because the computer understands two cases Only current (1) or no (0), which was difficult for programmers.

But after the invention of the transistor, the size of the computer shrunk a lot and its capabilities increased dramatically. At the same time, specialists were able to invent languages ​​that were easier to use, and programming languages ​​became widely understandable to specialists. The development and facilitation are still in progress and these languages ​​that are easy to handle for programmers are called high-level languages.

programming languages

It is worth mentioning here the meaning of the word language, which is the method of communication and understanding between people, or, in the case of a computer, the way a computer understands a person's request. Therefore, we find in our lives a set of terms and words that vary in use according to need. Different programming languages ​​have this feature as well. Many programming languages exist and these languages ​​differ in terms of their work and purpose, but in the end, all of these languages ​​are translated into machine languages 0 and 1.

Therefore, the programmer must be familiar with some programming languages ​​and know what is the appropriate language to implement this program. The only programming language that a computer understands and can handle is machine language. In the beginning, programmers worked on analyzing the computer code and dealing with it in its rigid and incomprehensible form, which is (0,1).

But this process is very complex and difficult to deal with because it is not clearly understood by humans and its ambiguity. Therefore, high-end languages ​​have been created that act as an intermediary between human language and machine language, which is Assembly Language, and then developed into high-level languages ​​such as C and BASIC. Programs written in these languages ​​are then run by a specialized program such as a translator and a compiler. These programs work to translate programming language lines into computer language, making it easier for the computer to implement these commands and produce clear implementation results.

What is the importance of programming?

1. Provide new jobs

We live in the age of technology and the technological field is still growing with time with the increasing use of technological devices every year there will always be a great demand for programmers.


For example, during this decade in America, it is likely that programming jobs will be available mostly to those outside the United States because companies are thinking of hiring people from all over the world. After all, they will pay them lower wages.


Jobs such as software development, web development, computer systems analysis, etc. will be good occupations for the next 10 years and their growth is estimated from 9% to 21%.


2. Easy to learn programming languages

One of the paths to becoming a programmer is to obtain a degree in computer science, although you can still become a programmer without a degree as many programming jobs do not require a degree in computer science or information technology. Instead, companies are interested in your level of expertise and Your programming skills This means that although a degree will be beneficial and open many doors for you, it is not a must.



However, there are options other than a degree that will likely help you land a job. For example, if you are going to get a diploma in software development or cyber security it will surely look good in the eyes of the hiring manager and the same goes for the certificate as well and if your resume contains related certification programs such as network security management for example that Coupled with your skills will make a good impression.


3. Save time and effort


Since a programming job only requires a computer with an internet connection, employees often have the opportunity to work remotely from the comfort of their homes. However, this depends on the company's policy but many of them offer such an option. Moreover, if you are working as a freelancer your work will always be done remotely.



This feature makes programming a highly sought after job for people who want to balance their work and family life and feel that going to work is wasting the valuable time that would have been spent differently and also allows them to apply for jobs across the country without having to relocate and worry about going. to the workplace.


4. You can create anything you want

Programming gives you the opportunity to digitize your ideas and this idea can include an app that you wanted to create and thought would spread quickly once it was put on the market. However, creating an app is not an easy task because it requires effort, time, and money while in other scenarios you will pay the developer to implement your plans and ideas, and being a programmer By yourself, you will save your money and you will be able to develop the application exactly the way you want, especially since no one can implement your idea exactly as you imagine it.


5. High-income potential

Money can be the motivator in most jobs and the case with programming is no different as most jobs you can get with programming skills tend to command above-average salaries. The salary of a programmer depends on the condition and type of job and the average salary for a programmer in America is $84,280 annually.



6. Learn to solve problems

Programming teaches you to see problems in terms of solutions and for each problem you may encounter you will start brainstorming about how to solve it. The results that come from brainstorming and problem solving will give you a positive outlook and empower you to work on the problem no matter how difficult it is. And you will be determined to find a way To come up with a solution in this way to become a solution-driven person.


7. Learn to combine artistic skills and creativity


Not all industries will allow you to use both your technical and creative skills as they do programming, which is possible due to the nature of the job that focuses on identifying and solving issues. However, you will not always face the same problems and for this reason, you will be able to solve them while finding new solutions every time and this makes programming a very challenging and exciting profession.



8. Encouraging the opening of entrepreneurship

Becoming free is the path that many programmers eventually choose. Knowledge of programming allows you to consider opening your own business. This could be an online store, a web design company, creating mobile applications, or offering courses on programming online Much the opportunities are endless, and what makes it special is that the demand for this kind of business is also high.



Coding is a skill that has many benefits and some of the advantages that come with knowing coding are a guaranteed job, creating interesting apps, developing problem-solving skills, and sometimes the opportunity to work from home.


What is the future of programming?


Technology production is an essential part of an evolving world and this means that programming is exceptionally important to our future as a global society. Graduates of a computer programming degree can help create this future by automating processes, collecting data, analyzing information, and sharing knowledge to continuously innovate and improve existing processes.


This means that since programming is so important today, it will certainly be more influential in the future. And this field will continue to grow as programmers around the world work to learn new ways to communicate with machines and computers.


 Having a computer programming degree now means that you can be a part of this research and testing to develop careers that can help society.


The importance of programming is very great in our daily lives because much of our world is automated and humans need to be able to control machines because computers and machines can do things efficiently and accurately we use computer programming to harness this computing power.

What are the important programming languages ​​to learn?

Programming is evolving as well as the languages ​​used to develop programs and applications and different programming languages ​​are used for different categories of developers. Some languages ​​are better for beginners while others are more suitable for advanced programmers.

In addition, some languages ​​are best for different use cases such as web applications, mobile applications, and distributed systems.


The best way to decide which programming languages ​​to learn is to know what skills you will need to become a successful programmer.


Common and important computer programming languages ​​based on necessity and application include:


  • Python
  • Java
  • C / C ++
  • JavaScript
  • Swift

Each of these languages ​​range in terms of usability and ease of learning. Python is the best programming language for beginners. Java has been a popular language for several decades and is the official language for Android applications.

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