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You want to create a new website for your company, so you agreed with a designer and developer to design and program your new website. But what is the next step?

You must make your site available on the Internet for your customers to visit at any time, so you will need a hosting company that will provide you with the appropriate hosting plan for your site.

What are web hosting and its types?

What is web hosting?

Web hosting in short is a service that allows you to display and publish your website content on the web. The providers of these services are hosting companies where they have huge computers with huge specifications and high speeds connected to the Internet, these devices are the ones on which the content of websites is located and they are called servers.

When you visit a website, the Internet browser sends a request to the server hosting this site, the server receives your request and displays what you have searched for or tried to access, and a web page appears, which may contain an attractive design, file, image, or text information, etc...

the difference between domain and hosting

To simplify the matter, we can say that the domain is your home address, and the hosting is the space on which this home is located.

Your domain is the address of the site that your visitors go to, for example: “www.Megatech.software”, And hosting is the space on which your site resides to become available on the Internet, which is what we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Hosting Types?

Shared Hosting

If you are looking for the best economic solutions to host your site, then shared hosting is your right choice, where several sites are hosted on one server, and companies usually offer this service at reasonable prices because there are several sites on the same server, which brings them to the server cost from several parties and not from one party, and this service is considered one of the cheapest and best hosting services for small sites!

Reseller hosting

The reseller service allows the use of your allocated space on the server and other features such as bandwidth and redistribution to host other sites, meaning that this service allows you to be a web hosting company yourself or to collect your sites and the sites of your friends with you in one place on the same server.

Dedicated Servers

When your site reaches a high level of magnitude and growth in the volume of data and the number of visitors, you will need a more advanced hosting service that allows you to have higher resources to run your site properly without interruptions and to be able to manage your site effectively, and here comes the role of private or full servers, in this service you rent a full server Without sharing with any other client and becoming the sole controller of the server from choosing the operating system, hardware, and managing the entire server, some companies offer these servers managed to save the client the trouble of setup and management because it requires high expertise in systems management.

Virtual Servers - VPS

Virtual servers are a hosting environment that simulates a service (full servers), and to simplify it is a virtual server inside a real private server with high performance and advanced hardware specifications, the company gives you this virtual server by allocating part of the real server resources to it (space, processor cores, RAM, and others), you can manage it as any real server is managed, where you set it up completely and control it without anyone knowing what is happening inside your server, even the hosting company. Unless this server is managed, then the hosting company is responsible for setting it up and dealing with it on your behalf.

Cloud Servers

They are virtual servers that also have the same capabilities as real servers, but they differ from them in the way they work and differ from the VPS servers that we talked about earlier in that they use the resources of several real servers connected, and when you use this service you will benefit from the presence of a large number of servers on which your cloud server depends. Thus, you can increase the capabilities and resources of your server on a larger scale at any time.

Finally, there are several other advanced hosting services and solutions that we did not usually mention that are dedicated to large sites that receive a huge number of visits daily and contain a large amount of data, today we focused more on the most popular and most important hosting services for most customers.
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