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The computer has become an integral part of our lives in various fields, whether in work, entertainment, or anything else, but despite the extensive knowledge that has spread recently about how to use it, many are ignorant of its internal components and the difference between them. We must mention the computer and its components and differentiate between them.

The difference between hardware and software

A computer is an electronic device that has the superior ability to receive data, make modifications to it, process it, transform it into the information of value and importance, and then store it within varying storage media, whether internal or external. Without it, the computer is of no value, and from here the computer components are divided into two main parts, namely hardware and software, ie hardware and software.


This term includes all the physical components associated with a computer and can be touched manually, and this includes electronic circuits, keyboard, mouse, motherboard, screen, etc...

In the field of hard hardware, several basic components that we can summarize as follows: The motherboard, which is the mastermind of the computer, and the carrier for the various parts of the computer, and it carries both

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Expansion cracks
  • power supply
  • video display card
  • TV tuner card
  • Computer vector controllers
  • Types of computer storage media such as hard disk, floppy disk, floppy disk burner, and floppy disk reader
  • DVD
  • Input units of all kinds
  • computer networks
  • sound card and network
  • output units


It is a computer program or software, and it is a computer term given to computer operations that are performed to solve mathematical problems or implement a statistical process, and from correcting these formulas in the event of an error or the completion of a process. Software or software includes application software, ie Microsoft Office software, firmware, middleware, and system software, software selection, software testing, websites, software, and video games.

The software relies on its programming languages ​​to run, such as JavaScript, C, and C++.

What is the difference between software and hard ware?

The difference between software and hardware is that software is the intangible or visible computer components, which are Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems and software or programs such as applications, while the hardware is all computer components that can be touched and seen with the naked eye and do not need programming languages Especially javascript and SQL.
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